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Heat stabilizer for methanol fuel technology
- 2018-02-06-

Methanol Fuel heat stabilizer is the waste of harmful ingredients into a soluble solid emissions in the furnace, the furnace daytime temperature can reach hundreds of degrees, and at night temperature down to room temperature, the furnace will form a large number of water vapor, The resulting soluble solids will be Rong Jie and water vapor in the furnace drying environment absorption, this is the furnace in the use will be a little white material, the next morning the white matter disappears, the furnace core wall has the reason of water droplets, methanol fuel stoves change the traditional way of discharge, Change the waste emissions into a soluble solid discharge furnace. Any fuel combustion will produce sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, methanol, especially the initial alcohol, waste alcohol, the recovery of methanol contains many of the human body or harmful to the environment of chemical raw materials, if the form of gas emissions to the human body, the environment is very unfavorable.

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