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Analysis of product advantage of kitchen fuel cooker fuel
- 2018-03-06-

Kitchen Fuel Cooker Division I newly developed a new energy-saving and environmental protection of new fuel, now the market has a lot of users have been used, then the kitchen fuel cooker product advantages?

The fuel used in the kitchen fuel cooker and liquefied gas, compared to diesel, the price is very advantageous, can be used as a substitute for liquefied petroleum gas and fuel diesel fuel, it is low-cost, safe, convenient with no residue residue, not the bottom, with clean and sanitary, safe, cheap, raw materials easy to buy, easy to use and other characteristics, It belongs to the state to encourage the development of energy-saving clean energy.

The cost of kitchen fuel cooker is only about One-third of the wholesale price of liquefied gas or diesel, the profit space is huge, and it has high investment value. This type of fuel oil is a replacement product of alcohol based liquid fuel, which solves the problem of low calorific value of alcohol-based liquid fuel, no fire, low heat efficiency, high consumption, environmental protection and economy. It not only accords with the national standard of alcohol based liquid fuel, but also improves and improves the calorific value, viscosity and flame temperature. At present, China's large and medium-sized cities and restaurants, hotels, colleges and universities canteen and other catering, most of the use of diesel, liquefied petroleum gas as the energy of Chinese cooking stoves, and some still burn coal. Bio-ethanol oil is an environmentally friendly biofuel based on alcohol based fuel, which can be stored, transported and used at ambient temperature and pressure without high pressure cylinder storage, only with ordinary metal or plastic containers.

In the background of the depletion of fossil fuel resources, kitchen fuel cooker fuel, as a new type of clean energy and carbon cycle, not only solves the problem of high efficient storage and distribution of energy, but also has a great significance to the reduction of global warming by its various synthetic ways and recycling of carbon dioxide and other wastes.

As a new type of fuel energy, kitchen fuel cooker is worth to be used and popularized.