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Three classifications of fuel for methanol stoves
- 2018-02-27-

Methanol stoves used in the fuel is mainly crude methanol, methanol stove fuel is currently a hot fuel development, the promotion of this technology has caused a high degree of attention by the relevant national ministries, China's methanol stoves are mainly used in the cooker, but at present, China's alcohol-based fuel and cooker development there are many problems.

At present there are three kinds of fuel for methanol stoves:

1, alcohol water type fuel: is the fuel contains more than 20% of the water, methanol stoves fuel itself has been lower calorific value, in addition to water, so that the calorific value of the fuel is lower. Some companies say the water is added to the alcohol, coupled with a certain catalyst to be able to decompose water, generating hydrogen to increase calorific value, which is a violation of the scientific principle of the wrong concept, so so far, we have seen the alcohol-water fuel, the use of the effect is very poor, calorific value does not meet the industry standard technical requirements, And the use of this type of alcohol water fuel gasification effect is not good, and the structure of the cooker is complex, we think this fuel can not be promoted;

2. Alcohol-hydrocarbon fuels: This kind of fuel is mainly to the crude methanol plus 10% of hydrocarbon substances to increase the calorific value of fuel, because of the addition of hydrocarbon substances, the alcohol-based fuel storage in the use of the easy stratification, the appropriate addition of solvent to the alcohol base fuel and hydrocarbon homogeneous mixture will not produce points. At present this kind of fuel uses more, but its promotion must control the fuel formula, as far as possible does not exceed 3 yuan composition ingredient's fuel formulation. It is prohibited to add harmful organic chemistry products as additives, make the formula complicated, and try to control the content of water not exceeding 10%, the hydrocarbon content should be adapted to the cooker;

3, alcohol ether-type fuel: alcohol ether fuel technology is mainly developed by the Southwest Chemical Industry Research Institute of Chemical Department, this kind of fuel is characterized by dissolving dimethyl ether in methanol and water, and the pressure from dimethyl ether to produce raw material supply in cylinder, so as to avoid the existing alcohol water, It is a promising fuel for alcohol hydrocarbon fuel to be preheated and pressurized during ignition. However, because of the high cost of dimethyl ether, storage difficulties, and the fuel contains more water, so that the matching cooker fuel difficulties, it is difficult to promote. We think that alcohol based fuel should promote the second type of alcohol-hydrocarbon fuel and promote the lower alcohol-ether fuel with the improvement of people's living standard.

The above is the use of methanol stoves fuel the main raw materials, hope to be able to help everyone.