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Kitchen fuel cooker can meet the needs of different grades
- 2018-03-01-

The material used in the kitchen fuel cooker is based on methanol as the fundamental material for incineration, it is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection and high heat energy-saving data, the structure of the kitchen fuel cooker using the theory of aero-fluid mechanics, the fuel flame formed pillar, not outward diffusion, to ensure that the fuel burning heat energy by the pot fully absorbed, Can meet the family hotels, hotels, canteens, large gear, snacks stalls and other needs of different grades.

Kitchen fuel Cooker to maintain, maintain a good state, before use to pay attention to the oil, fuel tank is the phenomenon of dripping, if found to need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Selection of food grade stainless steel materials, product performance is stable and durable, with excellent anti-corrosion performance, exquisite appearance, save space, clean and sanitary. Adopt integral design, so have better sealing nature, can save energy effectively. Shorten the steaming time. Alcohol based fuel combustion clean environmental protection, safe and energy-saving, smokeless tasteless, no waste emissions. It is proved that the utilization rate of heat energy is up to 95%.

Kitchen fuel production process is simple, investment and production costs are relatively low.

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