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Precautions for use of alcohol based fuel stoves
- 2018-03-20-

  Alcohol Base fuel stoveAs the name suggests, fuel is used as fuel, its thermal efficiency, the main factor is the mixture of gas and air to make full use of fuel, that is, complete combustion, the traditional furnace is the diffusion of combustion technology, gas and air edge of the mixing side of combustion, its mixing speed, low flame temperature, gas can not be completely burned, Easy to produce a large amount of carbon dioxide, so that people poisoned part of the fuel wasted.

Alcohol base fuel stoves before ignition, open the fuel switch, check the phenomenon of leakage, ignition ignition rods in the open burner switch fuel into the fuel gas to start firing, but the fuel inflow should not be too much. A small amount of wind, less fuel, burning 30 seconds to a minute gradually add wind and liquid, to achieve no splash liquid, the flames smooth. Add liquid and wind to match, fire small should be adjusted according to the needs of the fire, so as to save fuel. After the fire, must close the fuel tank, burner switch, turn off the fan, power switch.

The use of alcohol based fuel stoves precautions:

1, touch the fuel tank around to keep away from the ignition;

2, regular inspection, maintenance of fuel pipelines, to avoid leakage;

3, the fuel should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, and is strictly prohibited fireworks, no upside down, no collision.

The above is the use of alcohol based fuel stoves precautions, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to lock our official website, we will be constantly updated in the late.