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Precautions for use of environmental protection oil cooker
- 2018-03-28-

Product technology safety, has become a long-term operation of environmental protection oil cooker more fundamental protection, in our industry, security cases a pile in front of us, some detours is bloody lesson! Some operators are not rich in professional knowledge, and do not get the knowledge of the wife, by virtue of their own strength to ponder, try, improve, is far from meeting the long-term security of technical safety.

Fuel has full combustion and inadequate combustion of the points, there are safe storage and unsafe storage, additives safety and additives are unsafe, some people think that the addition of high energy added object is to improve the hot card, but these additives will not become the fuel of the detonator? For example, a common-sense professional is never allowed to add oxides to environmentally friendly oils. Please compatriots must be cautious of their own fuel whether there are such dangerous dangers! Because the responsibility for security is not allowed to happen once. Must be foolproof!

Environmentally friendly oil industry people are more difficult to conquer is the volatile fuel, volatile strong means that the fuel is unsafe, volatile stability represents a high fuel safety. Detection of fuel volatility is simple, to see the use of the storage barrels, the bottom of the bucket whether there is residual fuel. High stability of fuel, the bottom of the barrel will not evaporate within two or three weeks, otherwise, the bottom of a day or two a drop of fuel is not left.

If you want to be environmentally friendly oil cooker burning as a cause to operate, safety conditions are the first condition of all conditions!