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Alcohol-based cooker for quick and easy cleaning and environmental protection
- 2018-05-09-

  Alcohol based cookerThe firepower is much higher than the liquefied gas fire stove, is the majority diet owner's Choice stove. More common is the double head single-tailed stove, double-headed two-tailed stove, single-head single-tailed stir fry stove and so on. Alcohol-based cookers emit more than 80% less emissions than liquefied petroleum gas, which is a veritable clean fuel.

Alcohol-based cookers do not need fans, high oxygen content, full combustion, no black rock, no carbon, no bottom, no residue residue, burning exhaust gas emissions than liquefied petroleum gas less than 80%. Every once in a while, that is, after 10 or two or three years, the furnace head must be disassembled for a comprehensive cleaning inspection. Low fuel consumption, full combustion, high combustion efficiency, high heat transfer efficiency, fuel consumption of only 2~3kg/hours, low Tang, claypot furnace, ice table and other production and sales.
Alcohol-based cooker is convenient and fast, mainly based on the alcohol-based cooker fuel source is broad, low price, energy-saving strong, environmentally clean, the use of new fuel is a new trend of development, not only firepower, and high calorific value, cooking efficiency.