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What are the main raw materials for fuel used in methanol fuel cookers, and there are several alcohol-based fuels.
- 2018-04-17-

The main raw material of methanol fuel cooker fuel is crude methanol. Alcohol-based fuel is a hot spot for the development of civilian fuels. This promotion technology has attracted the attention of relevant national ministries and commissions.

The fuel used in methanol fuel cookers is currently mainly used for cookers. However, there are many problems in the development of alcohol-based fuels and cookers in China. For example, the fuel formula is complicated, there is no uniform standard, and a large amount of water and some harmful substances are contained in the fuel.

There are currently three types of fuel used in methanol fuel cookers:

1. Alcoholic water fuel. That is, the fuel contains more than 20% water. Methanol fuel itself has a lower calorific value, plus water, which makes the fuel have a lower calorific value. Many units that make alcoholic fuels claim that water is added to the alcohol, and a certain amount of catalyst can decompose the water to produce hydrogen to increase the calorific value. This is a misconception that violates scientific principles, so so far, we have seen alcohol-based fuels, the effect is very poor, the heat value can not meet the technical requirements of the "alcohol-based civil fuel" industry standard, and The cooker using this alcohol-based fuel has a poor gasification effect and the design of the cooker is complicated. We believe that this fuel cannot be promoted;

2. Alcohol hydrocarbon fuels. This fuel mainly adds 10% of hydrocarbons to crude methanol to increase the calorific value of the fuel. Due to the addition of hydrocarbons, the alcohol-based fuel is prone to delamination during storage and use, and the co-solvent is appropriately added to uniformly mix the alcohol-based fuel with the hydrocarbons without delamination. At present, this kind of fuel is used more, but the promotion of this kind of fuel must control the formulation of the fuel, preferably a fuel formula of no more than 3 yuan (excluding water), that is, methanol-cosolvent-hydrocarbon. It is strictly forbidden to add harmful organic chemical products as additives to complicate the formulation. At the same time, it is best to control the water content to not exceed 10%, and the hydrocarbon content should be compatible with the cooker;

3. Alcohol ether fuel. Alcohol ether fuel technology is mainly developed by the Southwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. This fuel is characterized by dissolving most of dimethyl ether in methanol and water, and at the same time, the pressure required for the supply of raw materials in the cylinder by dimethyl ether. This avoids the need for external preheating and pressurization during the ignition process of the existing alcoholic water and alcoholic hydrocarbon fuels, and is a promising fuel. However, due to the high cost of dimethyl ether, storage difficulties, and the fact that the fuel contains more water, it makes the supporting cooker fuel difficult, so it is difficult to promote it now. We believe that alcohol-based fuels are now suitable for the promotion of the above second alcohol-based fuels. With the improvement of people's living standards, the alcohol-containing fuels with lower water content are gradually promoted.