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Introduction to the use safety of kitchen fuel cooker
- 2018-05-03-

Whether it is manufacturing or services, without energy, it loses its foundation. In fact, we are seriously studying how to solve the energy crisis, but there is no good way, because the main difficulty of the energy crisis is to find the traditional energy alternatives, and the vast majority of the existing energy is non-renewable, almost no solution.
Kitchen fuel cookers are energy sources that do not emit pollutants, including nuclear energy and "renewable energy". Renewable energies are energy sources that can be regenerated from raw materials such as hydroelectric power, wind energy, solar energy, biomass, geothermal, and tidal power. Kitchen Fuel Cooker is a kind of renewable energy, and there is no possibility of exhaustion, so it is more and more important to many countries, especially the energy shortage countries.

Torch-burning trade is a major alcohol as the main raw materials, a mixture of a green fuel oil, it improved to the traditional fuel heat, burning residue, black smoke, pungent spicy eye shortcomings, calorific value up to 10,000 kcal. Market application is very broad, practical, widely used in food and beverage fast food, hotel canteen, home kitchen lights as the use of environmentally friendly fuel.
Compared with liquefied gas, the storage is convenient, the safety is high, the volatility is small, the cost is reduced, and the advantage is very obvious. can also be used as urban central heating, hot water boilers, such as Bath Center, district heating, factory enterprises, hotel home heating and so on. Kitchen fuel use economy, burning pollution-free emissions, is a rare clean good fuel.