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Alcohol-based Cooker | Children's Day happy! A good love is hidden in a long companion
- 2018-06-01-

Filed June, our first thought is always children's day. Maybe grow up to face the pressure and things more and more, perhaps the growth requires us to bear the weight of the forward, Children's Day of the existence, can let a lot of hard-working adults, unloading the burden, justified to do back to the child.


Do you remember what your childhood was like?

70后 said, my childhood is:

The rice flour was finally met at the table when the visitors were home.

Hope the Stars hope the moon, holidays only eat a meal of meat dumplings

The scorching sun ran and played for a whole afternoon, with a little bit of money carefully bought popsicles and soda

In the bag of picture treasure, the relationship is not enough of the small partner will not borrow

In the grandfather's machine, covering his ears waiting for a "bang", beika sugar bursts of aroma


My childhood, says Gen Y, is:

The delicious--Baby head ice cream

Ate a lot and a lot of packets of little raccoon simply noodles in order to collect the cards inside

Little Overlord Learning machine, soul Bucket Luo, kingdoms, swallow the world and so on game, a cassette is a few breakfast money

Black Cat Sheriff, gourd Doll, Saint Warrior star vector, Dragon bead, Astro Astro and so on classic cartoon stickers, thick a stack enough to let you in the class to dominate.


My childhood, I said, was

Whether it is to go home or summer vacation to play a little afternoon, on time in the CCTV integrated channel to see the animation city "The legend" "Big head Son father" "Go Juvenile" "Martin's Morning" ...

Popular throughout the Japanese anime influx, read "Detective Conan" small partners like to say "the truth only One"

Boys in a heated discussion "slam dunk", girls like to see the "Hundred Change Sakura Magic card"

Jay Chou's songs in every recess filled the playground

The school gate to buy pearl milk tea, watermelon smoothies and red bean cake

The child should be the gorgeous color in the world, is the river Demon Stream, is the red rising, is the beginning of the odd flower, is the Eagle Trial Wing.


The children's Day has arrived this year. I hope our parents and friends, not only on this day, but these tender and fragile flowers are still in bloom every moment, can take a little time every day, open a book, together spend a good time reading, accompany the children to see the outside world, flowers or flames, open a book, is to help the child open a "see" door.

All said accompany is a long love confession, the world, parents and children love between the strong also difficult to give up. Children are destined to grow up, alone through every step of life, before, we can do is to take their small hands, and they enjoy the time, and so these angels grow up to look back, can be very proud to say that my parents accompany me to read the long years.

Alcohol-based cooker manufacturers with all the staff wish all the world's children: Children's Day happy!!!