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Reasons and solutions for unstable flames in alcohol-based cookers
- 2018-06-14-

Alcohol-based stoves are energy-efficient, low-contamination, and with the progress of our days, the continuous improvement of coal, fuel, and gas prices is an inevitable trend in society.

With the development of the society, fuel as a burning oil will be eliminated. On the other hand, with the global dynamic situation becoming increasingly serious, gas, petroleum liquefied gas and other gas quotations will remain high for a long time, so the development of new fuels for valence and cleaning Instead of the traditional burning fuel, improving the power, it has become an inevitable trend of power development, and the carrier alcohol-based fuel road bureau, which is the new power fuel of alcohol-based fuel, is bound to be more and more popular among users.

Reasons and solutions for the failure of the alcohol-based cooker:

1. The fuel is not dissolved evenly. After adding water, stir it thoroughly to completely dissolve the fuel and water. Otherwise, the oil will come out for a while, and the water will be unstable.

2, the burner eye is blocked, resulting in uneven air intake, the fire is not concentrated, the general firepower is unstable;

3. The fuel tank height is too high or too low, and the flow rate is unstable, resulting in unstable fire.