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Main technical indicators of kitchen fuel cookers
- 2018-08-10-

The kitchen fuel cooker is a tool that is currently used more, and it has the function of energy saving and environmental protection. Let us talk about the index of the kitchen fuel cooker.

1. Viscosity: Viscosity is a relatively important performance index of fuel oil. It is the main basis for dividing fuel oil grade. Its size indicates the flowability, easy pumpability and easy atomization performance of fuel oil. At present, the most commonly used in China is 40 ° C kinematic viscosity and 100 ° C kinematic viscosity. China's past fuel oil industry standard uses Enshi viscosity (80 ° C, 100 ° C) as a quality control index, using 80 ° C kinematic viscosity to classify the grade. Oil kinematic viscosity is the ratio of the dynamic viscosity to the density of the oil. The unit of kinematic viscosity is Stokes, which is Stokes. When the kinematic viscosity of the fluid is 1 poise, the kinematic viscosity at a density of 1 g/cm 3 is 1 Stokes.

2. Sulfur content: Too high sulfur content in fuel oil can cause corrosion and environmental pollution of metal equipment. According to the level of sulfur, fuel oil can be divided into high sulfur, medium sulfur and low sulfur fuel oil.

3, flash point: is a safety-related indicator, the flash point is too low will bring a fire hazard.

4. Moisture: The presence of moisture affects the freezing point of fuel oil. As the water content increases, the freezing point of fuel oil gradually increases. In addition, moisture can also affect the combustion performance of fuel machinery, which may cause accidents such as furnace stalls and furnace shutdowns.

5. Ash: Ash is the part that can not be burned after combustion. Especially after the catalytic cracking cycle oil and slurry penetrate into the fuel oil, the silicon-aluminum catalyst powder will accelerate the wear of the pump and valve. In addition, the ash is also covered on the heating surface of the boiler to deteriorate the heat transfer.