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What should you pay attention to when using methanol fuel stoves?
- 2018-07-09-

Due to the serious air pollution, clean energy is being used more and more. Most boilers use clean energy such as methanol fuel stoves. Methanol fuel stoves can not only make energy clean, low-carbon, diverse, but also safe. Efficient supply. The city of Xinxiang has been plagued by smog. Most of them are still using coal and other burning materials, which has caused the smog weather to become more and more serious. Therefore, environmental problems are urgently affected. It is precisely because of environmental factors that methanol fuel stoves are particularly popular. In many places, especially in the restaurant industry, the use of methanol fuel stoves to replace coal-fired stoves has begun. At present, methanol fuel stoves are in short supply. However, methanol fuel stoves also need to pay attention to safety issues when they are used:

1. Because the mobility of people working in the kitchen is very large, there is a lack of fire safety education. There is not enough fire protection knowledge to deal with the fire problem. If it happens, it will happen.

2. The placement and use skills of fire prevention facilities are also very important. If there are fire-fighting facilities but they will not be used in the same way, it is necessary to provide certain training for the staff and install the detection and alarm facilities.

3. The methanol fuel stove should also be inspected regularly. After a long period of use, the methanol fuel stove will be aging. The aging of the equipment will lead to the possibility of explosion, so the kitchen master needs simple training when using it. Prevent the understanding of methanol fuel stoves, and the operation technology is not standardized.

4. The occupation of fire-extinguishing passages is often occupied in the passages of most catering industries, which will make fire-fighting work difficult, so it is necessary to clean up the fire-fighting passages in time.