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Advantages and application characteristics of methanol cooker
- 2018-05-22-

Methanol cooker is a use of alcohol-based fuel cooking utensils, methanol cooker using a unique gasification structure design, can make the alcohol-based fuel fully gasification combustion, methanol cooker firepower ultra-fierce, methanol cooker really achieve perfection, no oil point phenomenon, no smoked eye phenomenon, not smoked pot, methanol cooker long-term use also no carbon, methanol cooker energy-saving effect is remarkable. Methanol cooker firepower, firepower far higher than the advantages of liquefied gas stove, is the majority of diet owners of the preferred cooker, methanol cooker is widely used in hotels, guesthouses, schools, factories, institutions and other units canteen.
Advantages and characteristics of methanol cooker:
① methanol stove face impact resistance, high strength, safe and easy to clean.
② Intelligent Program Control, methanol cooker a key to boot, automatic ignition, eliminate frequent switch and ignition trouble, alleviate the chef work.
③ methanol stove without pot without fire, eliminate the empty burning baking, reduce environmental temperature, reduce environmental noise, beneficial to cook health.

④ Methanol cooker has flame detection of accidental fire protection function, greatly improve the kitchen safety.
⑤ methanol stoves are more durable: the main parts are made of stainless steel, cast iron and copper, and are durable and resistant to high temperatures.
⑥ Methanol stove high-power plus hot-wire coil materials, design reasonable intelligent protection, long service life.
⑦ Methanol Stove Safe cleaning: low-pressure furnace combustion, not easy to leak, no open flame, to avoid fire accident occurred. No exhaust gas discharge, clean and hygienic.
⑧ Firepower: High flame temperature, strong force and fierce (adjustable).
⑨ Environmental protection: low noise, complete combustion, exhaust fumes colorless tasteless, less waste heat.