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The use of alcohol oil cooker specific steps
- 2018-07-26-

Alcohol oil cooker is now a relatively popular stove, it is more and more widely used in our life, below we say it's use of the main steps.

1. First, the flat gas tank and the furnace head butt-tightening;

2. Expand the folded bracket, assemble the finished;

3, slightly open the opening knob on the Furnace head, press the electronic ignition button will be lit, after preheating, will control the gas to the desired location. (Note: If the gas rises when the ignition is high, it will be a strong airflow to the point not to fire);

4, the pot will be put in place, a wind board, the thermal efficiency will be improved;

5, after the use of the fire, followed by the furnace head after cooling in the screw down, CAMP-3 furnace head and flat canned together, so as not to burn.

The above is the torch-burning trade factory for everyone to summarize the use of alcohol oil cooker steps, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to call detailed inquiry.