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Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of alcohol oil stove
- 2018-08-21-

Alcohol oil stove mainly refers to the use of professional terminology to burn the bio-alcohol oil of all relevant environmental protection cooker, is a comprehensive consideration of the current market all alcohol oil combustion cooker advantages and disadvantages, through continuous innovation, upgrading the new alcohol oil equipment, currently according to its scope of use can be divided into suitable for home use spring stove, can be split into a single double stove The shape of the same as the ordinary liquefied gas stove, and suitable for mobile vendors to use the portable Meng Huo stove, while its individual furnace heart can also be used directly, in addition, according to the large and medium-sized hotel for fire requirements and fuel cost affordability, but also suitable for large and medium-sized hotel use of various types of focal heart, characterized by more intensive firepower, At the same time including the factory, hotel burning boiler use!

Alcohol oil stove can also use the current market of the kind of alcohol oil, and it has a great advantage in general, but its advantages can not only be less spring, but also can be around liquefied gas, CNG, diesel, which is currently not the technology of other companies!

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