Canteen stove

Canteen stove

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  • Hope to help you avoid unnecessary trouble in the future. Alcohol-based fuel before ignition, open the material valve, check whether the leakage phenomenon. Ignite the rod and then open the burner valve material flow into the material gas ignition, but the material should not flow too much. A small amount to the wind, less to the material, gradually adding air to the combustion until one minute, reaching no splashing liquid, the flame is stable. Add liquid plus wind to cope with the small fire based on the needs of the fire at any time to adjust, in order to save material. Turn off the fire, be sure to close the material box, the burner valve, turn off the fan, the power valve.

    Canteen stoves use matters needing attention:

    1, alcohol-based materials around the box to stay away from the fire source.

    2, to frequent inspection, maintenance materials pipeline to prevent leakage.

    3, the material storage cool and ventilated place, and no fireworks, is strictly prohibited upside down, collision is strictly prohibited.