Kitchen fuel recipe

Kitchen fuel recipe

Henan torch burning Trading Company to provide customers with the distribution of kitchen fuel formulations, supply, price, wholesale, quotes, manufacturers, products are sold to Anhui, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other regions.

  • In fact, this item alone from the alcohol-based fuel, the development is not a problem, after all, is also a national call for new energy projects in the near future countries will support this energy project, but now? Tell the truth encountered a dilemma, for the following reasons:

    1, too much reselling technology now, no matter big company or small company. Want to get a good fishing project, but many companies do not have the actual experience of alcohol-based fuel operation, do not know what kind of problems encountered in the actual operation, but in his hand holding a reclaimed formula at Scalped around. The entrepreneur to find such a company, spend their hard-core money not to say, but also can not learn real technology, can only draw a blanket, failure is bound to hate this project, hate this industry, But also made some insulting words on the Internet. Actually, I think such a failure is inevitable. It is for all this to have been done by ourselves. Without careful consideration, we should not look for good lead passers-by and disregard the aftermath and only blindly huddle. I think this failure is inevitable.

    2, this hot project coupled with the propaganda on television so many entrepreneurs pouring into this industry, so that there is a county there are 34 or even 56. No matter how big this county, but his hotel is a few, a former county to do a few, but now do a county, want to take over the market, what method? Price cuts, price cuts, price cuts, which formed a malicious competition. The competition did not benefit what to do, it can only make efforts from the fuel costs, time and again reduce costs, the final win is the hotel restaurant, because they are getting lower and lower fuel prices, it is not, the vicious competition to Who can bring no benefits, calorific value is getting lower and lower the industry completely destroyed.

    3, many people see the thief eat meat but did not see the thief beaten. Feel the industry is difficult, and thin-skinned Shen Shen. Because we have to find someone innkeeper countless times, the chef said good words gift gifts and so on. I remember a person in the line said that there are three points to enter this line, a good hard-working preparation 2 to have strong backing to do the money 3 to find a good lead man. I agree with his 1 and 2 views. I think as long as you can endure hardship to find good technology or lead the way you no problem, of course, not without money, but just did not need to start doing so much money.

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